The Internet of Things and the wisdom of crowds

Take advantage of human swarming

Today, when we speak of the wisdom of crowds, we talk in particular of human swarming, an approach that uses real-time feedback loops from groups of users to arrive at accurate insights. Indeed, swarming has sometimes out predicted large groups of experts who rely on non-swarm methodology.

Create Opportunities for Emergence

What does this have to do with the Internet of Things?

Rethink your supply chain

As we continue to heighten connectivity and adopt analytical models that capture emergent properties, we may well see core business processes and IT systems change dramatically. If we can predict customer needs based on emergence, then we will need to rethink supply chain optimization and supplier rationalization. Even the places where we store our manufactured products may change — after all, why keep a widget in Texas if only people in the northwest will need it next year?



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