150 New Customers in a Month: A Conversational Advertising Case Study by EyeLevel.ai

Figure 1: EyeLevel.ai helped a young Vegan Subscription Meal Service acquire 149 new customers in a MONTH!

The Client

This Vegan-Only, Direct to Consumer Brand lives and dies by subscriptions. When a customer signs up, they choose to get a weekly delivery of three, four or five days worth of Vegan meals shipped directly to their door. The company has been in business for less than 3 years, in growth mode and always looking for new ways to acquire customers.

The Challenge

The DTC segment is hyper-competitive, and with more and more healthy options springing up every day, this company is constantly trying to find new channels to reach their target demographic. Historically they’ve had the most success targeting women, 25–45 who live in or around major urban centers. They were looking for an advertising partner who could effectively reach this segment with the flexibility to find new segments if possible. This all had to be done as cheaply as possible, spend and cost to convert was always top of mind.

Figure 2: Conversational Advertising helped this DTC startup acquire new subscriptions at 1/3rd the cost!

The Request

EyeLevel.ai was asked to deliver a conversational advertising test campaign that involved two unique EyeLevel.ai product features 1) Double Opt-in 2) Nonstandard publishers. The tests would be run over a two week period, then a review, then depending on the outcomes another two weeks of continued tests.

The results of the test campaign would form the go or no go decision to rebuy at a larger investment and inform how best to approach the coming Spring season which historically has been a critical acquisition season for this client.

The EyeLevel.ai Approach

The client was interested in EyeLevel.ai ability to engage with users and achieve double opt-in, meaning a user would be asked if they were Vegan or if they knew anyone who was Vegan.

If a user responded “No” they would be thanked and the test would end. If the user responded “Yes” then they would be asked a second question, “Would you like to hear about a wonderful company that does weekly, Vegan only meal subscriptions?” If a user said “Yes” they’d be shown an advertisement that had both a call to action to visit a special landing page, or a Share button so that a user could share this offer to a friend who might have an interest in learning more.

We also tested nonstandard publishers to see if we were able to unlock a new segment, outside the normal destinations our client typically looked for customers. Specifically, we targeted users within Trivia Chatbots who were expecting daily trivia questions. Our hypothesis was that by targeting users who were accustomed to receiving daily messages, we would achieve increased engagement with the double opt-in campaign itself, increasing the odds that we’d find those new customers.

Figure 3: EyeLevel.ai Double Opt-In Conversational Advertising Campaigns Are 40x more Precise !!!

The Results:

In one month EyeLevel.ai delivered 150 new subscriptions for this customer, at 62% less than target levels spent per subscription — netting out the test campaign at 280% return on ad spend.

This was achieved through the effective use of the double opt-in advertisement approach (figure 3), but also increased levels of Ad Sharing. In fact, 40% of total conversions came from an actual advertisement being shared amongst friends. We hypothesize that Vegan food is, in many parts of the USA, difficult to locate. Users that saw the advertisement, even if they weren’t a Vegan themselves had friends or family who were and clearly was willing to share a compelling offer when it was delivered in context at the right time.

This campaign truly illustrates two of unique EyeLevel.ai capabilities.

  1. Publisher Network of 3rd Party Chatbots: Our 1,700+ publisher network means we can experiment with subsets of the overall network, in this case with daily trivia chatbots. This is both counter-intuitive & unique to the EyeLevel.ai platform. Typically this client would advertise on health and fitness webpages and blogs, but we were able to acquire new customers well outside of traditional verticals.
  2. Conversational Advertisement Innovation: Only with EyeLevel.ai can you actually ask a user if they have any interest in a specific branded advertisement. This means fewer impressions, significantly less brand dilution and far higher intent when users engage. This leads to more conversions and higher CLTV.

The End! Happy customer, happy users, hopefully, a happy reader as well (you)!

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Thanks for reading! Team EyeLevel.ai



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